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Private yoga classes

Annes Ademruimte also offers private yoga classes at your home. We will take full account of your specific wishes and needs.

Costs: €50 per hour excluding VAT, including use of mats, meditation cushions and blankets.

Corporate Workshops

On a corporate level, there are specific themes for which Annes Ademruimte can develop lessons or workshops. For example of ‘teamwork’ or ‘exploring, acknowledging and stretching boundaries’. Together we can develop a customized yoga class or workshop that meets all specific wishes.

Annes Ademruimte | Yoga workshops
Annes Ademruimte Corporate Yoga Workshops

(Chair) Yoga Kick-Off

You can start brainstorm sessions or sales meetings with a light (chair) yoga session to create an atmosphere where intuition, creativity and an open mind are key. Past experience has taught us that approximately 15-20 minutes of yoga or meditation increases creativity and focus and stimulates out-of-the-box thinking.

Sportswear is not needed and it can just take place in a regular meeting room.

We can develop a tailor-made programme together that meets all specific wishes.