Reimbursement possibilities

Below you will find a number of possibilities to get your mindfulness training reimbursed.

Reimbursement via health insurance

I am a category 1 certified mindfulness trainer and a member of the Association of Mindfulness Based Trainers in the Netherlands and Flanders (VMBN). This means I meet the requirements for reimbursement by the health insurance company.

Association of Mindfulness Based Trainers Netherlands and Flanders
Many insurers reimburse mindfulness trainings from the complementary package (e.g. in the case of burnout complaints). On (in Dutch) you can see at a single glance which healthcare insurer reimburses what and what conditions apply.

Reimbursement via your employer

Most employers have a prevention budget, a sickness absence budget and/or a personal development budget. Within larger organisations it is also possible to call on corporate social work. Check with your employer about the possibilities.

Reimbursement via UWV

It is worthwhile for people on benefit to investigate whether the UWV wants to cover part of the costs of a training course. It is important to properly motivate how a mindfulness training can contribute to (a speedier) job finding and to continue to function well within a job.

Reimbursement for informal caregivers

Supporting informal carers is a priority for many municipalities now that many caring tasks have fallen on the shoulders of informal carers due to cutbacks in healthcare. Perhaps you can appeal to WMO funds (WMO: law on social order).

Some health insurers also reimburse part of an MBSR training course for informal caregivers.

As far as I am concerned, costs should not be an obstacle to learning mindfulness. If you can’t raise the amount ( right now) but would like to participate in the training: contact me and we will look for a solution/arrangement together.