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The mindfulness training (MBSR) takes 8 weeks and teaches you how to deal with stress. You’ll experience more pleasure, worry less and you can prevent a burn-out.

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The official mindfulness training (MBSR) always has the same structure, wherever you go and lasts 8 weeks.

The training consists of 8 meetings of over 2 hours, a practice day (Silence day) and exercises at home. Click here for the complete training programme.

Your own experiences and reactions to them are central to this training, so we devote a lot of time to experience. During the meetings we do mindfulness exercises such as the body scan meditation, lying and standing movements (yoga), and walking and sitting meditations.

Afterwards we will review these exercises together. I’ll give you the theoretical background and together we’ll look for practical and concrete tips to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Themes such as stress, emotional burden, worrying and how you can deal with it differently will be covered in detail.

You will learn to recognise your thought patterns, your automatic reactions and your emotions during the training. This allows you to create some space between what happens and your reaction to it, allowing you to make a well-considered choice. You get more control over your reactions, control over your life.

During the practice day we do all mindfulness exercises in a row and we experience what it’s like to be quiet for a longer period of time. Although this might be quite a challenge, everyone is really enthusiastic afterwards!

During the 8-week training and by practicing at home, you train your attention. Attention is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger it becomes.

With the meetings, the practice day and the home practice you build a solid foundation to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. This provides you with all the tools you need to increase your quality of life through mindfulness.

For whom?

“I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t benefit from more mindfulness in their life,” says Jon Kabat-Zinn, the developer of the 8-week mindfulness training.

A mindfulness training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to cope with stress or wants to prevent a burn-out. For everybody who wants to invest in the quality of their lives. Whether you’re still in school or college, just out of it or have been working for years, everyone is welcome.

Doubtful whether mindfulness is a good idea for you (right now)? Please feel free to contactme to explore this together.


Price: € 465,- incl. course material and VAT.

I am a category 1 certified mindfulness trainer, affiliated with the Association Mindfulness Based Trainers in the Netherlands and Flanders (VMBN) and therefore I meet the requirements for reimbursement by the health insurance.

Association of Mindfulness Based Trainers Netherlands and Flanders

There are other possibilities to get your training reimbursed. Check all possibilities.

The most important results of a mindfulness training:

  • You are better equipped to deal with difficult situations
  • You experience joy more consciously and intensely
  • You have more energy
  • You worry less and think more positively
  • You become milder towards yourself and towards others

The advantages of group training:

  • You learn from the other participants
  • The fact that everyone has similar experiences can be very reassuring
  • Group training has its own atmosphere and dynamics
  • The official MBSR training is originally a group training.

If you still have questions, look under mindfulness or under the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, please feel free to contact me.

Next Training:

Friday January 7th 2022, from 17.00 – 19.30hrs
Days: 07.01, 14.01, 21.01, 28.01, 04.02, 11.02, 12.02 (practice day from 10.00 – 16.00hrs), 18.02 & 25.02.

Femma (2019): “Anne taught me to create the peace and space I need in everyday life; I learned to enjoy this moment and to do so with full attention”.