Mindfulness Training (MBSR) – Individual

The individual mindfulness training lasts 8 weeks and teaches you to deal with stress differently. You will enjoy more, worry less and you can prevent a burn-out.

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Some people prefer to do the mindfulness training individually. It might take too much energy to follow the training with other people together in a group, maybe you feel inhibited to express yourself or maybe the timing of the group training just doesn’t fit. Whatever your reason, you can learn mindfulness just as well individually as in a group.

Content Training

During the individual training we go through the same programme and do the same exercises as during the group training. The training consists of 8 meetings of about 1,5 hour at Annes Ademruimte or at your own home. The difference is that the sessions last 1.5 hours instead of more than 2 hours at the group training. For the practice day you join the practice day of the group training.

Also with the individual mindfulness training you establish a solid foundation to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. This provides you with all the tools you need to increase the quality of your life through mindfulness.

Would you like to know more about mindfulness? Check under mindfulness, under group training or under the most frequently asked questions. You still have questions? Feel free to contact me.

For whom?

“I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t benefit from more mindfulness in their life,” says Jon Kabat-Zinn, the developer of the 8-week mindfulness training.

A mindfulness training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to cope with stress or wants to prevent a burn-out. For everybody who wants to invest in the quality of their lives. Whether you’re still in school or college, just out of it or you’ve been working for years.

Doubtful whether mindfulness is a good idea for you (right now)? Please feel free to contact me to explore this together.


Price: € 565,- incl. course material and VAT, excl. possible travel and parking costs.

I am a category 1 certified mindfulness trainer, affiliated with the Association Mindfulness Based Trainers in the Netherlands and Flanders (VMBN) and therefore I meet the requirements for reimbursement by the health insurance.

Association of Mindfulness Based Trainers Netherlands and Flanders

There are other possibilities to get your training reimbursed. Check all possibilities.

The most important results of a mindfulness training:

  • You are better equipped to deal with difficult situations
  • You enjoy more consciously and intensely
  • You have more energy at your disposal
  • You worry less and think more positively
  • You become milder towards yourself and towards others

Advantages of individual training:

  • There is more time and attention for your specific situation and experiences. There is room and time to address the challenges you face.
  • You can start at any time.
  • We can schedule the sessions according to your schedule, so they don’t have to be on the same day and time every week. There may also be more time between sessions (e.g. once every two weeks).
  • If the location is suitable, the training can also take place at your own home.

If you still have questions, look under mindfulness or under the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, please feel free to contact me.

Nicole (2019): “Thank you Anne! After the MBSR course I feel equipped to start using the mindfulness instruments and skills in my daily life. The course was an ideal balance of practical lessons, theoretical context and responding to my personal needs”.