Mindfulness Apps

Below are several apps that can help you when practicing mindfulness.

I believe that if you have no experience at all with mindfulness or meditation, it is better to first follow an 8-week training and learn to meditate with guidance to acquire the skills. But you can always try.

Insight Timer – an app with guided meditations, courses and a programmable timer (free and paid). Meditations in many different languages, including Dutch, English, French, Spanish, etc.

Headspace -(UK) an app with guided meditations (free and paid)

Calm -(UK) a free app with adjustable timer and background sounds

Spotify -There are meditations on Spotify too. Keywords: mindfulness, MBSR, Jon Kabat-Zinn or Mark Williams

Mindfullness Training | Annes Ademruimte

“When you meditate, you observe your breathing just as it is. Every time you notice you are distracted, you bring your awareness back to your breath.”