Yin yoga & Meditation at Tula Westerpark
We combine yin yoga with meditation during this class

In yin yoga, we stimulate the connective tissue, also known as fascia. Connective tissue is tough and stiff and tends to dry out, making it even stiffer. It dries out with age and because we don’t move enough. In yin yoga, we look for the resistance in a pose and then try to relax as much as possible, to stimulate the connective tissue. Since fascia is so tough and stiff, we stay in the pose for at least 3-5 minutes.

It’s a relaxing meditative form of yoga in which you are constantly pushing and exploring your limits.

During this class, we focus more on meditation. Either by meditating longer at the beginning of the class, or by focusing more on the meditative aspect of the asanas. In short, it will be a class where (self)acceptance and being in the here and now are even more crucial.

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vrijdag, 28 mei, 2021
09:00 (1h 15′)

Amsterdam, Houtrijkstraat 38, Tula Westerpark

Anne Linnebank

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