Mindfulness Practice day (in silence): saturday October 9th, 2021
Part of the mindfulness training is a mindfulness practice day, also called a silence day. On this day you do all the mindfulness meditations in a row in silence. A great opportunity to deepen your practice, to discover what happens when you’re silent for a longer time. Are you interested in giving mindfulness a more important place in your life, or do you need some more deepening of you practice? Then join this day of silence, an excellent way to get started.
The mindfulness meditations that are part of the MBSR training are: the body scan meditation, lying and standing movements with attention (yoga), walking meditation and sitting meditations with focus on breath, sensations of the body, sounds and thoughts.

I will provide a varied programme and guide you through it completely.

Anyone who has already followed the mindfulness training and anyone who has experience with meditation. If you have doubts whether you have enough experience to join, feel free to contact me.

Spitsbergenstraat 52 (2 high)
1013 CM Amsterdam

Meditation cushions and mats are available on site, but you are welcome to bring your own.

€45,- incl. coffee, tea and VAT

zaterdag, 9 oktober, 2021
10:00 (6h)

Amsterdam, Spitsbergenstraat 52

Anne Linnebank

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