Mindfulness & Yoga

Anne Linnebank

Mindfulness trainer – Category 1 certified
& Yoga teacher (Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa)

After a career of many years in marketing and communication I got a burn-out. I didn’t understand what hit me! It was like the ground was knocked out from under my feet and I felt totally misunderstood. In fact, I didn’t even understand myself any more I was terrified that I would never recover. I was freaking out and dead tired. All I wanted was to get better and out of everything I tried, mindfulness and yoga helped me get back on my feet.

In both mindfulness and yoga the body and all the signals it gives you are paramount. And precisely those physical signals become less and less noticeable when you suffer from stress. With yoga and mindfulness you learn to look at your body sensations with curiosity. That is very enlightening because your body never lies, while your mind can still fool you into believing all kinds of things. By regularly paying attention to your body, you learn to recognize and acknowledge your physical signals. Yoga and mindfulness has given me a realistic view of who I am, what I am capable of and has made me more gentler towards myself and others.

Impressed by these effects, I have decided to continue my career in this field and now teach yoga and mindfulness trainings, both in groups and individually.

I know better than anyone how lonely you feel when you suffer from burn-out, how insecure it makes you feel. I am also well aware of the ropes within the business world, both nationally and internationally. I understand what you’re going through, know what you need and together we’ll look for tools to come out of this stronger and better.

We can also explore together whether and how you want to return to your workplace. I offer you my years of experience and knowledge in stress management and burnout prevention to prevent and otherwise cure you from burnout.